Fun Fact: I am in love with “As long as you love me”
Things that massively piss me off.
  1. People cutting into my lane
  2. Boyfriends forgetting dates and leaving to go hang with the guys
  3. Trying to express your emotions and failing or being ignored
  4. Vocal Adrenaline throwing eggs at Rachel Berry
  5. Dead cell phone batteries
  6. Loving milk products and being lactose intolerant
  7. Statistics
  8. Being afraid that I’m going to fail in the Nursing program
  9. Acne
  10. Shaving my legs and armpits and other things
  11. Ex boyfriends
  12. Pulling hair out of my hair brush
  13. Getting mascara on my newly done eyeshadow
  14. Chipped fingernails
  15. Lipstick on my teeth
  16. Rude customers
  17. Screaming children
  18. Having to pay for things
  19. Being massively horny and never getting enough sex
  20. Jiggling
  21. My new push up bra. I wanted a little oomph, not my breasts in my ears
  22. Sweating for nothing
  23. My boyfriend’s ex sitting outside in her car for FOUR HOURS!!!

Yea. I think that’s my rant for right now. Ugh. I want to set something on fire

The beginning..

So I have decided everyday I’m going to post some for a bucket list. Starting later today

List of things that Make Me HAPPY!
  1. Chris
  2. Skyping Un
  3. Naps
  4. LaPa’s Alfredo
  5. Summer Dresses
  6. Hollister Perfume
  7. Droid 4
  8. Checking the mail
  9. Presents from Mom
  10. Summer Plans
  11. Getting Roses
  12. Blue fingernail Polish
  13. My new job
  14. Paycheck! ChaCHING
  15. Going out on a friday night
  16. Plans with friends!
  17. Getting a text
  18. Surprises
  19. Kisses in Town and Country
  20. When he says “You’re HOT babe. Beautiful and Hot and Pretty and Cute and everything in between”
7. 4 more episodes to go!
6. 17 hours! only 9 to go!!!
4. Waiting for a phone call from my soldier in training.

It’s a waiting game

Daily Dose of Happiness!!

Haven’t done one of these bad boys in FOREVER!! So here goes!

  • Sushi from Rosauers!
  • The Hunger Games movie
  • Getting letters in the mail from Tim
  • Creeping on Echo Company’s facebook for pictures
  • Purple
  • Knowing that I’m going to clean the heck out of my room today/tonight/tomorrow
  • Cotton Candy
  • New purses
  • Ro Sham Bo
  • It being Friday
  • Betty Johnson Sephora by OPI scented nail polishes
  • Engagement Rings
  • Wedding Planning
  • Rain

Okay, that’s it for now! Maybe more later, the day’s not over yet!

Love you,


3. Going to moberry’s