When your boyfriend’s ex posts old pictures of them together so you take some just to be like “Hey bitch, he’s mine now. You lost! :)”
My life right now!

Finals week is officially over for me. Pretty sure I failed my final, but you know what? Can’t change it now!

Trying to find an apartment to live in over the summer = a pain in the ass.

I broke off my engagement a while ago. Dating a new man :D named Chris. Might steal facebook photo and stick on here? Mwahaha….

Should be in the shower shaving my sasquatch-esque hairy legs….



Date night?

Going to meet Chris’s Momma on Mother’s Day weekend.

My mom bought Chris soap. Yea. Lol I love my Mom.

Mom bought ME soap! FTW

Glee’s on Tonight

I actually feel pretty as of recently….Crazy shit right?