n.) That moment when you realize you should have actually gone to class instead of sleeping/skiing/getting coffee.

Fuck me sideways.

Attention All! :


Anyone else stressed about the shit load of work and all the finals coming up?

DONT BE! Just listen to Christmas music and your mood will automatically be change! believe me:)

Good luck to everyone on their tests, assignments, projects and everything else these teachers are pilling on us!

Finals Week


n. a dormant superhuman power laying in young adults that comes out two-three times a year in times of great desperation.

Realizing I have less than 2 weeks before my first final:



I am now officially prepared for finals!

Thanks babe x
Welcome to finals week: where all your hopes and dreams slowly fade into an abyss of textbooks and term papers.
Sittin on Chris’s futon. Should be studying for my Business Final or searching for apartments…but he’s too good looking and is distracting me :D
To all Incoming College Freshman

A list of things I wish I would have known:

  • When you drink (and you will), make sure you eat something meal-like first. Otherwise you will be wasted off of two shots, and may end up eating an entire can of Pork and Beans to try and offset the alcohol (which doesn’t work btw)
  • Beware of bicyclers when walking or driving. They have a tendency to go wherever the fuck they want, be that into the side of your car or running you over on the sidewalk. Fucking bikers.
  • Do your homework two days before it’s due. Especially on papers, because you don’t want to end up like me. Aka doing a 7 paged paper final three hours before class starts.
  • Don’t go and buy a notebook for every single class. Buy a big 5 subject (Five star is what I like) notebook. It keeps your backpack less messy and you don’t lose it nearly as easily.
  • Try to be organized. I am a VERY unorganized person and I know it cost me an A in one of my classes, because I kept forgetting homework assignments’ due dates. Plus studying in a messy room sucks.
  • There are lots and lots of boys (and girls, if that’s what you like :D) at college. Some of them just want sex, some are looking for a hot girlfriend and some are looking for love. Be sure you understand what they’re looking for before you’re in too deep.
  • Avoid ex-boyfriends. They are ex’s for a reason. Especially avoid them when you’re drinking, because they might end up trying to make out with you (and some might be successful!!)
  • Call home at least once a week. It pays to be on good terms with your parents when you need to call for money. Which you will.
  • Dress in layers. Some classes are like hell, and some are like Antarctica. Having coats to strip off/put on can be the difference between a comfortable and miserable day.
  • Have a snack in your bag at all times. I don’t know how many times I had to skip breakfast from being late, or lunch, or just plain got hungry in between classes. Having a granola bar, piece of fruit or pack of poptarts made all the difference in the world.
  • Invest in your own coffee maker, creamer and anything else coffee/energy related. It will save you so much money in the long run instead of buying Starbucks three times a day, every day.
  • When you drink, have at least one person you trust with your life around who is sober. That way you don’t get penises drawn on your face. Or put on your face. It has happened before.
  • Invest in a mattress topper. Dorm mattresses suck ass.
  • Have down time planned, especially during Dead week and Finals week. Otherwise you will jump off a building. Or at least contemplate it.
  • Save money as much as possible. You’ll be happy when your car makes it all the way home instead of dying half way there.
  • Tents in the middle of dorm rooms totally count as going somewhere for Spring Break.

And finally:

Remember why you came to college. To get a degree, to learn something, to make new friends and to escape parents. If you came to college only to party, you’re wasting a shitton of money there bro.

Love you guys,


Relaxing after Finals and Holiday Stress!

I don’t know about you guys, but the Holidays in my family are kinda crazy. It’s always going to the store to get something we forgot, barely making it in time to meet up with someone, staying up late at night (it’s past midnight as I type this) and all that after Finals week is just too much. So this is how I’m going to relax and pamper myself to get ready for the upcoming New Year/New Semester! 

  • A nice bubble bath. I love, love, LOVE taking bubble baths! They are relaxing, and also give me a perfect reason to slap a hair and a face mask on (because my hair’s been out in the nasty cold weather, I’ve had it in ponytails for weeks, and it’s damaged. Plus finals=stress=acne. Nuff said), read a book and relax! I might even light a scented candle and put some hot cocoa next to the tub!
  • Mani/Pedi. You could go out and get one (that would really be luxurious!) but I usually just DIY a manicure or pedicure. Rub some cream in your feet or hands and let it really soak in your skin for a while. Then pick a fun, festive color and start painting! Add a top coat on for extra shine and staying power!
  • Work out. I know this doesn’t sound very relaxing, but not only is exercising good for the body, it’s fabulous for the brain. Helps stimulate the brain to work better, and helps you to work out stress. If regular workouts aren’t your thing, try looking into some pilates, zumba, kickboxing or even martial arts classes! 

Sleep! I know I mentioned this one in a post recently, which is why after one more post, I’m going to go crash!

Love you guys!

Going Home Tomorrow!!!

Oh man, it’s official, I get to go home tomorrow! I haven’t been this excited to go back home in forever! I think it’s because I know that I won’t have to do any homework over break kehehe! I will be able to work (MONEY! WOOHOO!!), relax, work out like I have been planning (possibly…buwaha), write on one/both of my story ideas, take a BATH! see all my old friends! The possibilities of this break are endless! I’m soooo excited, if you couldn’t tell from my excessive use of exclamation points. I don’t think I have everything completely packed, but I still want to take a shower/blow dry my hair so it’ll be all pretty when I get home, and I have to decide on if I want to bring a few things from my bedroom out and leave them at my parents. 

It’s only 7:42 right now, and I am SO FREAKING TIRED, even though I slept well last night and drank a big cup of coffee less than an hour ago. I think it’s because I’m mentally exhausted from this past finals week. I’m sure you guys are too! So what I recommend is:

  • Get some sleep! I know it seems like you shouldn’t be so tired, but your body is recovering from the physical and mental stress of finals week. Help it recover faster by sleeping!
  • Eat up on healthy fruits and veggies! Replenish your body
  • Drink lots of water! Body can use up more water than normal when it’s extra-stressed, so be sure you are drinking up lots of water and gatorade! 
  • Don’t plan anything huge/late night out for a couple days. You need to relax, seriously. I know you guys wanna go hang out with your friends now and party, but if you continue to stress your body out, you WILL GET SICK! It’s a given (from experience!)
  • Hang out with the fam/friends at home. If you are really craving some hang out time, plan something super simple like a movie night, game night or even a sleep over. It’s way healthier on your body then going out and partying, plus it’s a good way to reconnect with friends you haven’t seen for a while!

Well, I’ll probably post up a almost New Years Resolutions list later tonight, so hopefully I’ll talk you guys later!
Love you!

Finals Week Survival Guide.

Okay, I don’t know how many of my darling followers are in college or in high school, so I made this awesome guide (for both boys and girls!) so it can apply to either! Let’s get started!!!

  1. Get a pint of your favorite ice-cream. I picked Cake Batter by Ben and Jerry, my roomie Un picked Cheescake Brown by Ben and Jerry.  This may seem like an unnecessary purchase, but it really helps, and is amazing to be able to sit down when you take a few moments to relax, and have a bite or two of pure bliss.
  2. Have a good movie/TV series around, so when your brain is completely fried and you need a break, you can watch a movie and chill! I watched How to Train Your Dragon this morning!
  3. Study! Even if you don’t think you need to study for a subject, take a few minutes to look over your notes. That way, if the teacher adds a couple harder bonus questions on your test, you have a way better chance of answering them and getting some extra points.
  4. Don’t forget to eat. It seems silly, and you might think studying is more important, or you’re cramming at the last minute, but it is really worth it to take a few bites of something! I actually did a final without eating breakfast before hand this morning, and I seriously thought I was going to die!!!!! Even a granola bar or a thing of yogurt!
  5. When you study, study one subject then take a little break, ten minutes or so. Then study another subject. That way, you don’t get anything confused, and you don’t fry your brain. 

Even during finals, if you want to watch something like glee, and it doesn’t mean you skip finals (college kids!), take a little break and do it! The biggest thing is not overloading yourself and your brain, otherwise you will get too stressed out and nothing will stick. 

Love Ya’ll