Thoughts and Neon Socks

This morning I was sitting at breakfast with my roommate, wearing my big dorky “hipster” glasses, sipping a cup of coffee and staring out at the rain. It was one of those reflective moments that I don’t have very often (but probably should) and what I realized startled me. Normally I think to myself “You’re stuck here now, but once this and this happen, then you’ll be happy.” 

I didn’t think that this time. I sat there and I understood that while yes, I’m excited for things in the future (me and Tylan, moving to Seattle, getting a cat) that I am so happy with where I am right now. I feel…satisfied. Content, comfortable and at peace with the world. That’s something I haven’t felt in a long time. I think part of it has to do with Tylan because he makes me that happy, but I feel a large part of it has to do with me. I have taken chances, made leaps of faith and done a whole lot of stuff I have wanted, but never had the balls to do. And you know what? I feel like I belong. I think I understand now that, feeling like you belong somewhere, or knowing where you belong, it changes all the time. But more than anything it’s that feeling of knowing everything happens for a reason, and you’re there for a reason. In that moment, you belong where ever you are. 

Well enough deep thoughts for right now. My socks don’t match and they are neon colors. Should I post a picture of them? They’re kinda amazing!!!! I’m going to go take a nap soonish because I have a headache (all that thinking!) and I want to lol. I will probably be writing a post to sort of introduce you guys to Tylan. OH he said he would do the “Boyfriend does my makeup” video AND Tylan agreed to the Blindfold Makeup Challenge. Where I’m blindfolded and doing HIS makeup. Awesome boyfriend :P. Also  you guys should let me know if you want me to sneak a picture of him and post it on here so y’all can see his perty face !

Ttyl lovelies,

XO Sia

So when I sleep with a guy, I swear I can only sleep with a sheet because guys are portable heaters and you will heat stroke if you put a blanket over you two. When I sleep alone, I pile 4 comforters on and am still cold. What is this shit?

I have always loved this idea :)
Dream Job? $100 per tumblr post.

That would be amazing don’t you think? 

Tripped up the stairs. Walked in the door and asked my boyfriend to kiss my knee because it hurt and his roomie ran up, kissed my knee and ran away laughing hysterically. Great people.
A very good friend of mine just got married, someone I consider my brother. My father cried at the wedding, it was beautiful.
Lights, Camera, SMILE! My life as of the moment..

The other day was summer solstice, meaning that summer 2012 is (officially) here! But I honestly can’t believe that half of this year is almost gone already. I finally got to take some pictures with Chris, so I’ll put those up at the end of the post, okies?

I have been so SO frustrated with my face recently. I haven’t broken out this badly on my forehead in over a year probably. It has made me sooo self conscious, which led to me putting on more makeup. More makeup = more acne! Epic Fail Sia! Plus I took a step back and looked at my diet….which was just horrible. I haven’t been drinking water, I don’t think I have eaten fruits or veggies in a week, and junk food has become a staple instead of a treat. Chris hasn’t been eating well either. So we took a huge grocery shopping trip last night at like 10 pm. Went to the local Safeway, bought tons of greek yogurt (the Fage brand. I don’t particularly like the plain stuff, but it’s pretty good if you mix it with some fruit in a blender!), salad, orange juice, mangoes, string cheese, whole wheat bread, lunch meat etc. So hopefully that will start clearing my face up! Plus I have been using a new clarifying lotion that my mom bought which is helping a TON. It’s Arbonne, apparently this fancy Swiss company? Not completely sure, but i LOVE it. It dries out my skin waaaay too much if I use it more than once a day, so I put it on at night.

Enough of that! Here’s some pictures of me and Chris playing on his old elementary playground!

Purple slide that I almost fell off of >_<


He’s SO cute!!! Argh! lol

So yea, that’s a couple of the photos. Expect more! Because I got a Droid 4 and figured out how to sync it to tumblr through instagram. I are smarter than phone…for once. That thing kicks my butt >_<!

Also, I think another reason my skin is being a freak is I am SO stressed!! My apartment lease is up in like a month or two, and my roommates didn’t pay their portions of their rent, so we might be getting evicted!! I can stay with Chris while I find another place (I pretty much am there 24/7 anyway lol) but it’s just FRUSTRATING!!!!!! I guess we’ll see what happens….ugh. Praying that a place will come up that I can afford!

Love ya’ll!


Dear Followers….

I want you all to know you are extremely beautiful/handsome. Don’t believe anyone if they say you aren’t, because they’re lying. I am so thankful for you guys, because I feel like there are people out there that believe in me and my craziness. I believe in you guys too, more than you’ll ever know!

I love you guys very very much! Have a good day, start it out with a smile, you’ll be amazed to where it leads!

"Forever?" "If I say forever, what will you do?" "Be the happiest man alive."
My life right now!

Finals week is officially over for me. Pretty sure I failed my final, but you know what? Can’t change it now!

Trying to find an apartment to live in over the summer = a pain in the ass.

I broke off my engagement a while ago. Dating a new man :D named Chris. Might steal facebook photo and stick on here? Mwahaha….

Should be in the shower shaving my sasquatch-esque hairy legs….



Date night?

Going to meet Chris’s Momma on Mother’s Day weekend.

My mom bought Chris soap. Yea. Lol I love my Mom.

Mom bought ME soap! FTW

Glee’s on Tonight

I actually feel pretty as of recently….Crazy shit right? 

The only one I wanted was the prettiest girl and I got her :) - Chris
Sittin on Chris’s futon. Should be studying for my Business Final or searching for apartments…but he’s too good looking and is distracting me :D